What are henna crowns?

Henna Crowns are a natural extension of using henna body art to beautify oneself. These crowns are used by those who have significant hair loss through either chemotheraphy, or a genetic condition known as “alopecia areata”.

A “henna crown” is the careful application of natural henna paste to the bald skin of a person’s head to create delicate and original motifs, that are designed to make the recipient feel more comfortable with their baldness through the beauty of henna.

Using the bald head as a blank canvas, professional henna artists create intricate and original designs onto the scalp, using safe and natural henna paste, which they have mixed themselves, using organic and other high quality ingredients.

These henna crowns can take between 1-2 hours to create, depending on the size and intricacy of the desired design; as some can extend towards the forehead or sides of the head, or along the base of the skull. This painless process of applying the henna paste is often described as relaxing, uplifting and empowering by recipients.

Depending on how well the henna body art is taken care of and the recipient’s individual skin chemistry; these beautiful henna crowns can last between 1-2 weeks and gradually fade through the skin’s natural exfoliation process.