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Henna Crown Artists

Detailed public accessible listings of experienced professional henna body artists who are a part of the Henna Crowns Network.

Feel free to consult our global map of safe, reputable professional henna body artists who offer henna crown services in their geographic area. Please note that all professional henna artists listed below make their own safe and natural henna paste!

Henna Crowns Artists Network - Global Map

Henna Crowns Artists Network – Global Map

Henna Crowns Artist Network – Global Map

or consult our more detailed text listings below:
(listed geographically & alphabetically)


Henna Oasis (Gold Coast)
Providing henna crown and henna body art services through studio sessions and mobile appointments. Located in Upper Coomera and serving the Gold Coast, Tweed, Brisbane and surrounding areas. Professional artist since 2008.


• Winnipeg Henna (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Providing professional henna crowns and henna body art services to the Winnipeg area.  Offering both private appointments and mobile sessions.

New Brunswick:
• Dragonfly Designs Henna (Fredericton, New Brunswick)
Offering henna crown and henna body art sessions in the Fredericton area and across Atlantic Canada. Mobile services only.

Ontario & Quebec:
• HennaMontreal.com (Montreal, Quebec)
Providing professional henna crown and henna body art services since 2006, using only safe and all-natural henna paste. Covering metropolitan Montreal, southern Quebec and eastern Ontario. Private studio sessions or mobile services available.


Manali Henna (New Plymouth, New Zealand)
Providing henna crowns and henna body art services in New Plymouth, and throughout Taranaki and other parts of NZ.


Henna Caravan (Camarillo, CA)
Serving southern California and destinations. Studio and mobile. Professional artists since 1997, large team available for events and fundraisers. Offering bespoke service for a variety of sensitive clients.

Hiral Henna (Fremont , CA)
Providing professional henna body art since 2007. Offers both studio and mobile services.

Crescent Moon Henna (Chicago, IL)
Providing mobile Henna crown and body art to the Chicago area and suburbs. Professional insured natural henna artist with over 13 years of experience, making their own safe, natural, henna paste.

• Hiral Henna (Ypsilanti, MI)
Providing professional henna body art since 2007. Offers both studio and mobile services.

New York:

Henna by Kenzi (Brooklyn, NY)
Exquisite body art for all occasions. House calls and in-studio, by appointment only. Serving the NYC and tri-state area.

Henna Rising (Rochester, NY)
Providing henna crowns and henna body art services in the Rochester area. Offering both studio private appointments and mobile sessions.

Ohio Body Art (Central Ohio)
Located in central Ohio and will travel anywhere on request. Happy to henna or paint clients suffering from chemo or alopecia. Professional body artist since 2000.

Roving Horse Henna
(Portland, OR)
Providing henna crowns and professional henna body art services since 2005. Covering Portland, Salem, Eugene OR and surrounding areas, Western Oregon; Vancouver, WA and surrounding area, and southwest Washington. Offering both studio or mobile appointments

Katie Bachand
(Seattle/Tacoma, WA)
Providing professional henna body art since 2000 in the greater Seattle/Tacoma area. Henna Crowns, pregnant belly art, special events, and private appointments.

Sarahenna (Seattle, WA)
Offering beautiful henna crowns using all-natural, certified organic ingredients. In-studio sessions or mobile services  in the greater Seattle area. Fully licensed and insured nationwide.


* Map and listings last updated: May 2014

What is henna?

Henna is the common name for lawsonia inersis, a plant that produces a natural dye that has been used by humans for thousands of years.

Henna leaves are harvested, dried, and ground into a fine powder, which is then mixed with water, specific essential oils and sugar, to create a pure and natural staining henna paste.

This paste is carefully applied to the skin, and allowed to dry and stay in place for several hours. After the dried paste is removed (through rubbing or scraping), a pale pumpkin-coloured stain is revealed, which gradually darkens to a darker shade over the course of 1-3 days. Henna stains range from a light caramel colour, all the way to a dark chocolate stain, depending on a few variables, such as how long the paste remained on the skin, where it was applied on the body, the quality of the henna paste and the individual’s skin chemistry.

Depending on how well a person takes care of their henna body art, it can last from 1-3 weeks and will gradually fade away as the skin naturally exfoliates.

What are henna crowns?

Henna Crowns are a natural extension of using henna body art to beautify oneself. These crowns are used by those who have significant hair loss through either chemotheraphy, or a genetic condition known as “alopecia areata”.

A “henna crown” is the careful application of natural henna paste to the bald skin of a person’s head to create delicate and original motifs, that are designed to make the recipient feel more comfortable with their baldness through the beauty of henna.

Using the bald head as a blank canvas, professional henna artists create intricate and original designs onto the scalp, using safe and natural henna paste, which they have mixed themselves, using organic and other high quality ingredients.

These henna crowns can take between 1-2 hours to create, depending on the size and intricacy of the desired design; as some can extend towards the forehead or sides of the head, or along the base of the skull. This painless process of applying the henna paste is often described as relaxing, uplifting and empowering by recipients.

Depending on how well the henna body art is taken care of and the recipient’s individual skin chemistry; these beautiful henna crowns can last between 1-2 weeks and gradually fade through the skin’s natural exfoliation process.

Henna Crowns Network

Welcome to the Henna Crowns Network, a non-commercial informational website regarding the art of henna crowns, the importance of making an informed decision regarding your choice of henna body artist, health and safety issues, online resources and much more.

You’ll also find a growing international network of established professional henna artists, with years of experience in applying safe and natural henna, with the utmost care towards their clients.